We make CONTENT for TV, the World Wide Web, Tablets, Mobile phones, Behind The Scenes, Music, Cultural, Social and

Sporting events.

A moving image Production Company based in Cape Town, South Africa with a footprint in Africa and the surrounding islands. We have worked extensively in Africa, Europe, Brazil and the USA.

Delivering high-end production value, outstanding client service and budget orientated and creative solutions designed to produce entertaining credible content that communicates professionally. 

We love our work and it shows.

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Executive Producer: Richard Moerdyk

Mobile # +27 83 301 9032 | richard@fixerfilm.com

Executive Producer: Neil Webster

Mobile # +27 83 654 2361 | neil@fixerfilm.com

Editor in Chief: Dan Clayton

Mobile # +27 76 705 1660 | dan@fixerfilm.com



RICHARD MOERDYK - Producer | Director | Cameraman | Post Production Supervisor

Richard has been involved in production since 1997. Years of producing experience gained in the SA Commercial Service Industry have given Richard the ability to create effective budget solutions for productions and ensure their smooth logistical execution. Richard’s ability to meet Channel, Agency and Client deadlines is evident in the multi season success of Channel O’ (DSTV) top rated TV shows “Goal Diggerz” , ”Mzanzi Ridez”  and a multitude of international service commercials and globally broadcast productions for clients like Red Bull International and Rebel TV. Richard loves the technical stuff and his knowledge in camera, computer, onset and postproduction workflows is extensive, a total tech-head. He loves his work and it shows.

NEIL WEBSTER - Producer | Director | DOP

Director, D.O.P & producer Neil has been involved in the film industry since 1996 and has a solid reputation for his work in reportage and extreme sports. His passion for environmental issues and South African youth culture abounds. His direction and camera skills are evident in the multi season success of Channel O’ (DSTV) top rated TV shows “Goal Diggerz” and  ”Mzanzi Ridez”, as well as many globally broadcast productions and documentaries for clients like NGO Afristar, Red Bull International and Rebel TV. Neil regularly works as a water based cameraman on International TV Commercials and is renowned for his pioneering big wave filming using the Hutch Motion Cam, a custom rig which enables Neil to film incredibly steady, up close tracking shots on the water from a PWC in really BIG surf. Neil’s love of the sea and nature drives him, he loves his work and it shows.

DAN CLAYTON - Editor | Director | Cameraman

Editor Dan Clayton has been editing for 10 years on a vast genre of shows, documentaries etc. ranging from the likes of MNETS “Carte Blanche” to the more “MTV” style of “Goal Diggerz “and “Mzanzi Ridez”. Seasonal TV is Dan’s forte and he brings a young, modern, fresh view to the team and is focused on keeping his style up to date with international standards and is not shy to start his own trends. Dan has a brilliant grasp on what makes good entertaining TV always pushing the envelope to get the best results from an edit. His edit skills are highly regarded among the producers and directors that work with him regularly. His ability to transform and adapt the edit per the clients needs, displays his true love of motion picture. Ready to embrace the ever-changing world of software and hardware he is passionate about having the latest and the greatest!  Another tech-head and gadget freak Dan loves his work and it shows.